Top Fashion Trends For Men 2017

written by Designer Fashion Writer 19th May 2017

Black & White

Black, white and grey clothing has been predicted this year as predicted by Business Insider. However there will still be experimentation with colour. Business Insider suggests that navy and charcoal will stay as common colours in suits, but we could also notice “brighter, more festive colours throughout the year. Even patterns like plaid suits, or paisley tuxedo jackets”.

90s-Style Sportswear

This trend began in the latter half of 2016, but in 2017 the fashion collections of Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements feature collaborations with brands that were popular in the 90’s such as Reebok and Fila. You can expect other similar brands to follow suit and hopefully including your favorite 90’s brand!

Combat Boots

This trend really began last year, but is predicted to stay this year. Combat Boots is fashion that Kanye West could have started, but why stop at just combat boots? You could also extend to other forms of rugged-looking footwear. Stack up on some of these and you could even find yourself starting a trend more than following one.

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